The Bank Control™ service, client application and web site are still in the Release Candidate state. We are aware of some problems which are listed below and which we are planning to fix by the end of 2011.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us if you spot new problem or just want to share your experience.

General problems

We are waiting for you to report issues with general functionality of the Bank Control application.

Communication is too slow

We plan to improve the protocol used between the Bank Control client applications and Bank Control service. Unfortunately, some Internet banking sites are very slow too.

Providers and Accounts

Unfortunately, Bank Control service has to deal with various Internet banking sites from different providers and the quality of these sites is different. This section lists some known problems and limitations.

Broken Balance indicator

Bank Control client application highlights a transaction with the "broken balance" indicator if the balance after this transaction received from the provider contradicts the balance after previous transaction. This situation may occur if you delete a transaction but unfortunately it may happen if Bank Control service can't reliably identify already downloaded transactions.

We've seen this problem with John Lewis Partnership (Waitrose) credit cards because sometimes they change description of transactions. We've also seen this problem with some accounts when similar transactions have been completed on the same day.

There is a simple work around for the "broken balance" problem. Long click on a transaction before the first broken balance indicator and select Delete/This And After menu item. This will delete the selected transaction and all transactions received after it. Then use the Android options menu and start the manual refresh. Hopefully, the transactions should be downloaded OK this time.

Lloyds TSB does not display all payment destinations

Lloyds TSB disables beneficiaries after a payment has been made and until the payment is processed. Bank Control excludes disabled beneficiaries from the list.

Wait until the previously made payment is complete before making another payment to the same beneficiary.

Approximate Date Used for Waitrose Credit Cards

Waitrose credit card statements do not specify when exactly the settlement payment have been made. The Bank Control service tries to identify these dates approximately.

This should be less of a problem if you synchronise your Waitrose credit card accounts every day.

Waitrose provider reset

Sometimes Waitrose accounts are reset as a result of a communication failure or some work conducted on the Waitrose site. As result, the Bank Control service detects login failure and resets your Waitrose account to avoid possible locking.

You need to go to provider settings and login again. We'll try to implement a better way to detect login failures and distinguish them from other failures.

Bank Control for Android

Application hangs or freezes

We are trying to rectify this problem which sometimes occurs when progress dialogs are displayed.

The only option you have is to "kill" the application. Please, go to the Android home screen and open Manage Application menu and Running tab. Find the Bank Control application, click on it and stop it. Then start it again.

Application takes too much memory

The amount of memory used by Bank Control for Android depends on number of accounts and transactions you have in the local database. The normal usage of memory is between 20 and 32MB.

Please, click Android Back button few times until you see the Bank Control transactions window. Use Android options menu and select Settings/Exit. Exit the application, wait for 30-40 seconds and start again.

Low application performance

You need to exit the application every 2-3 days. The local database is being "compacted" during the exit operation and this improves performance significantly.

Please, click Android Back button few times until you see the Bank Control transactions window. Use Android options menu and select Settings/Exit. Exit the application, wait for 30-40 seconds and start again.

Bank Control web site

Yes, we know that out web site is rather a sketch at the moment. We plan to make it more "human" and better looking soon.