Transactions View

Main Screen

Main application screen consists of three areas:

  • Subject header - displays the currently selected subject (summary, account, tag or highlight), balance amount, balance time and a button to switch to search mode
  • List of transactions - displays transactions or aggregated values
  • Date range footer - displays the currently selected range of dates for which transactions or summary information is shown in the list

The following user actions can be applied to the subject header:

  • Click - will bring a list of subjects within the current perspective for fast navigation: accounts, tags or highlights
  • Long Click - to select perspective: accounts, tags or highlights
  • Swipe left or right to navigate between subjects (accounts, tags or highlights)

The following user actions can be applied to the list of transactions:

  • Click - will open transaction details or navigate to a subject if aggregated summary information is shown
  • Long Click - will open transaction actions menu for labelling, tagging, highlighting, deletion, etc.
  • Swipe left or right to navigate between subjects (accounts, tags or highlights)

The following user actions can be applied to the date range footer:

  • Click - will open a quick date selection dialog which supports left and right swipe actions
  • Long Click - will open a range size selection list: week, month, quarter, year, 10 days, 30 days. When 10 or 30 days selected, the top date of the range is automatically positioned to the current date.
  • Swipe left or right to move the date range back and forward.

In addition, Android options menu provides access to:

  • Mini Help - working for most of the screens
  • Settings - to change or register providers, tags or accounts, exit application, change application settings.
  • Log Viewer - to review local audit records.
  • Refresh - for manual statement synchronisation.
  • Payment - to make payments or transfers.
  • Rules - to define account rules.
Search screen

Search Transactions

Click the header search button to switch between normal and search mode.

If you enter a valid amount (only sign, digits and dot) in the search field - only transactions with amount within a specified range will be displayed. The range for amount search can be configured from the global application settings: Android options menu/Settings/Application.

If you enter anything other than a valid amount - transactions which contain the text you entered in original description or custom label will be displayed.

Search operation is performed across all accounts and ignores the currently selected date range.

You must enter at least 3 characters to start a search.

Summary view

Summary Mode

Bank Control application displays aggregated summary information across accounts, tags or highlights when selected.

You can click on an item in the summary list to navigate to contributing transactions.

The summary view shows paid in, paid out and total amount for each subject within the currently selected date range. It also displays the last balance for accounts.

Other Notes

Please, remember to use Android options menu for Mini Help screens.

Try single click and long click actions when you see various lists, such as providers, accounts, tags, rules, log records, etc. Most likely there is a context sensitive menu of actions you can select.

Bank Control application comes with a library of common icons which can be used with accounts or tags.

When you label, tag or highlight a transaction you will be presented with a new rule form. Just click Android back button if you don't want a new rule to be created.

Please, use the Settings/Exit menu once in 2-3 days or after you created or deleted significant amount of information (tags, rules, etc.). Bank Control application compacts the local database on Exit, which improves performance and minimises amount of memory used.
You need to wait about 15-20 seconds before starting the application again after using the Exit option.

More Screenshots

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