Bank Control™ client application has its own encrypted local database where it stores transactions downloaded from various Internet banking providers. This process of downloading or synchronisation can be started manually or automatically in a background.

  • Bank Control allows you to register multiple accounts from various providers.
  • Registered accounts can be configured for background synchronisation independently with different synchronisation intervals during working and non working hours.
    Note: the background synchronisation is impossible for some providers (e.g. HSBC with Secure Key) which require hardware generated keys for login, although the manual synchronisation is still possible.
  • Bank Control implements retrospective synchronisation and tries to download transactions from historic statements when an account is synchronised for the first time. The amount of statements available for the first time synchronisation depends on provider and particular account. Transactions from 4-6 last years are usually available for current accounts and only 3-4 months of data for credit card accounts.
    Note: it may take up to 10-15 minutes to synchronise account for the first time and we advice you to connect your device via WiFi when you register new providers and accounts. Only new transactions will be downloaded after the first synchronisation.
  • You can view, search, tag, label and highlight synchronised transactions offline. You can view transactions for all accounts, for a single account or as a summary across all accounts. You can also search for transactions from all accounts by text or amount.
  • Bank Control allows you to copy transactions from one account to another which is useful when you change account number or receive a replacement credit card.

Note: it is technically possible to break Android security and local storage encryption and to view your downloaded transactions if your phone is lost or stolen.

However it is technically impossible to get access to your Internet banking accounts by breaking into the device local database.

By using Bank Control™ client application you accept the risk described above.