• You can search for transactions by description and custom label or by amount. If you input a text which can be translated into an amount (containing only digits, sign or dot) in the search box - the transactions with amounts within a configured range from the value you've entered will be shown. You can configure this range in the application settings.
    If you enter a text which can't be translated into an amount in the search box - transactions which contain this text in description or custom label will be shown. This search is not case sensitive.
  • You can delete individual, oldest or latest transactions. Please, be careful with this because you might be unable to download deleted transactions again.
  • Bank Control checks that the transaction balance is valid looking at the balance of a previous transaction and transaction amount. The situation may occur that the balance value does not match (broken balance) and this will be highlighted on the screen. This may be because you've deleted an individual transaction or sometimes because Bank Control service did not match transactions correctly during synchronisation (e.g. sometimes transaction description is changing in John Lewis statements).
    If the later situation occurs and you see the broken balance indicator - please delete the broken transaction, previous transaction and all transactions received after it and synchronise the account again.
  • You can reset (logout) provider authentication data and security information for this provider will be deleted. You will need to login to this provider again to enable background synchronisation.
  • A provider will be reset automatically if the Bank Control service failed to login to your provider using saved security information. This may happen if you changed Internet banking passwords and will prevent your Internet banking account from being locked.
  • You can copy (merge) settings, transactions and rules from one account to another, which is useful when your account number changed or you received a replacement credit card.
  • You can rename, edit and delete providers, accounts, tags and rules.
  • You can change the password used to encrypt your local database.
  • Practically every screen of the Bank Control client application has a mini help which can be opened using the device options menu.
  • The already running Bank Control client application will be locked if you don't use it for a certain period of time (which you can configure). You will be requested to enter the local password before displaying any screens with data.
  • Bank Control client application is always running when started. You should use Settings/Exit menu option to close it completely.
    You should also close the application using the Exit menu option periodically (e.g. every 2-3 days) because this is when the application "compacts" the local database and makes it work faster.