Printed on Thu Apr 27 12:07:02 BST 2017.

The spreadsheet below shows already scheduled work and improvements.

General Improvements
Notes Bank Control service, client application for Android and Web Site are still in Release Candidate states and are going through intensive testing and stabilisation phase.
Service Status Complete testing and release final version of the service, client application and web site. End of 2011
Legal We are trying to reach legal agreements with banks and credit card providers which would allow us to operate more reliably and provide you with even better security. End of 2011
Financial We are trying to find sources which will provide financial support of the Bank Control service and further development. We don't want to ask users to pay for this service and we'll do our best to keep it free. End of 2011
Supported Providers
Halifax Support for Halifax credit cards and payments. October-November 2011
First Direct Support for First Direct accounts and credit cards. December 2011
Web Site
Notes Bank Control web site delivers only basic functionality at the moment and requires major improvements.
Devices and Providers This will allow users to manage their registered devices and providers. It will be possible to lock/unlock/delete devices and to reset (logout) providers. October 2011
Audit Viewer Users will be able to view audit records for their profiles. October 2011
Look and Feel We are planning to improve look and feel and accessibility of our web site. December 2011
Android Version
Stabilisation We are aware of some issues with memory and reliability of the Bank Control for Android application. They will be fixed before the final release. End of 2011
Tablet Version We are planning to release a version specific for Android tablet devices which will take advantage of the latest Android APIs. Q1 2012
Other Platforms
Desktop You will be able to to run this version of Bank Control client on any Java enabled desktop, such as PC or Mac. End of 2011
Blackberry Work not started yet. Q2 2012
Windows Phone 7 Work not started yet. Q3 2012