Bank Control™ puts you in control of your day to day banking keeping it simple and secure ...

  • Bank Control™ is a simple, secure, reliable and free online banking service available in the UK.
  • Bank Control applications provide access to your bank statements off line with automatic synchronisation between your device and banks or credit card providers.
  • Bank Control supports payments to registered beneficiaries and transfers between accounts.
  • Bank Control allows you to search for transactions and to view transactions within different date ranges.
  • Bank Control allows you to tag (group), highlight and label transactions. These operations can be performed automatically during account synchronisation according to the flexible rules you define. Transactions can be summaries by accounts, tags and highlights to help you to analyse your income and spending.
  • Bank Control will notify you about new or suspicious transactions, account balances outside of configured range, predicted interest payments on unsettled transactions and potential unauthorised access to you bank accounts.
  • Bank Control improves security of your online banking and makes the typical key logging intrusion impossible. It encrypts security details you enter for access to account and credit card providers and then splits this information between the service and local databases. Access to any part of this data does not help to break into your accounts.
  • Bank Control uses password encrypted local database (not just password protected), Internet transport encryption and additional encryption of sensitive data with security keys issued explicitly for each registered device.